Why Dr. Furman?


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A physically active health care professional

Runs 30 miles/ week

Walks 6-8 miles/ week, including to work

Swims 2miles/ week in season

Has completed 8 marathons

Plays tennis 2-3 three times a week

Cycles 25-30 miles/ week

Plays golf regularly

Successfully completed The Park School bicycle maintenance and repair clinic

Hiked the Grand Canyon in 2011

The foot of Kamehameha the Great; in Honolulu, Hawaii


As an athlete or someone who just wants to start an exercise program you want to consult with a doctor who understands your sport or your desire to become more active.  You want a podiatrist who understands how to appropriately modify your exercise routine during recovery and is dedicated to helping you begin a more active life style. Then once healed it is important to receive recommendations on how to prevent future injuries. Dr. Ayne Furman does all this using the most conservative measures possible.

While Dr. Ayne Furman does not actively participate in every sport, her 32 years of experience as a practicing sports medicine podiatrist has allowed her to become familiar with many different sports beyond the ones she participates in regularly; such as: fencing, football, lacrosse, aerobics, race walking, martial arts and ballroom dancing to name a few.

You do not have to be an athlete or aspire to start an exercise program to be treated by Dr. Furman. She treats any patient that just wants to get rid of living with foot and ankle pain.

Dr. Furman running

After a good ride